Charlie Butt Dog Pants

Uses: Toilet Training (Female), Urinary Incontinence (Female), Faecal Incontinence (Male/Female), Post De sexing (Male)

Charlie Butt Dog Pants are ideal for stubborn pups who are yet to be toilet trained. These products help to reduce your cleaning time and cost, the smell and the stains and let’s be honest – that is the toughest part of an untrained dog. They also are used to reinforce where and when it’s best to go potty.  Charlie Butt Dog Pants

Charlie Butt Dog Pants can be used post operatively. The dog appreciates not having to wear the “cone of shame”.

Charlie Butt Dog Pants are made from cotton with a towelling liner built in. If your pup is “leaky” this liner may be all they need to contain the flow. For other purposes, the addition of a commercially available adhesive incontinence pad, will ensure the flow is adequately mopped up with very little inconvenience for all concerned.

These Dog Pants are NOT made from waterproof material. If you are of a certain age, no doubt you remember babies in big nappies with pilcher pants (plastic) over them? Do you remember the never-ending nappy rashes that came with that? Well, most dogs are prone to yeast infections especially if they are wet and the skin can’t dry quickly enough; especially if they are wearing the pet version of pilchers. Add urine, keep it warm and moist for extended periods and like the babies of those times, the dog is likely to be in great discomfort.

Then there’s the possible need for a visit to the vets, and definitely disappointed pets that you would do that to them. So, cotton it is.

It’s a durable, breathable, natural fabric. It can be washed in the washing machine, line dried, and reused repeatedly. The Belly Bands are fitted with Velcro for easy use and adjustment to suit your pet’s size and shape, with or without the adhesive pad.

How to measure your dog.I make 6 different sizes in the Dog Pants. You’d think I had it covered, but no, every pet is different, and I am often asked to make specific sizes, that don’t necessarily fall into the normal range. That’s ok. I am happy to help anyone with non-standard sizing.

The Charlie Butt Order Form asks for the your dog’s measurements, so if not standard sizing I can get sewing straight away to suit your dog.

Charlie Butt Dog Pants come in a packs of 3. Because this is a home-based business, I cannot guarantee the patterns and colours of the bands you purchase. , I try to include a bright, a comical and a classic pattern. It’s nice to have variety.

Orders will be shipped within 3 days of receipt of payment. If there is any delay for any reason, you will be quickly notified via email.

The purchaser is responsible for postage costs. Advertised Price does not include Postage. Postage and handling cost is $15.00 to anywhere in Australia.