Our Story

We have been fostering dogs on and off now for 15 years. It is a rare one that comes to you without some problems. The main issue we see is toilet training or rather, the lack of training.

I have been making belly bands for years now, slowly arriving at the band I make today.

For the girls, it has taken hundreds of pattern changed to get to the comfy pants (also known as doggy diapers, but I really don’t like that term) I now produce.

Bands and pants are ideal for stubborn pups who are yet to be toilet trained. These products help to reduce your cleaning time and cost, the smell and the stains and let’s be honest – that is the toughest part of an untrained foster dog. They also are used to reinforce where and when it’s best to go potty.

Bands and pants can be used post operatively. The dog appreciates not having to wear the “cone of shame”.

Sometimes our pup is no longer a pup, and incontinence can happen with the passing of time. We don’t love them any less. We try to contain the spills to avoid the embarrassment we know they feel and keep our baby as comfortable as we can, til the end.

An undesexed girl “on heat” will benefit from the pants as much as you will appreciate the clean furniture and rug.